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I made a breed! It is called the Celtic Cob. 

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I primarily do equine art for the HorseArt-RPG , but you will also see human art and literature on here from time to time. I am currently a university student, so my schedule is sporadic.

I don't usually comment to thank for +watches and +faves, but I appreciate each and every single one of them!

Commissions are OPEN. Check out my prices in my journal!
:new: New deadline 

Welcome, speed demons of all stripes! This summer, we are delighted to host the first of a series of events showcasing the many talents of your amazing horses and riders. Come on and all to a demonstration of agility, stamina, and lightning speed -- but be wary, for these events are not for the faint of heart!

The Summer Speedster Exhibition runs from

June 1st, 2014 to October 1st, 2014

(If extensions are needed, the show will run until October 14th, 2014. Keep an eye out for announcements about this!.)

The Rules
  • You must have an RPG stable (does not have to be HARPG registered)
  • No pre-registration 
  • All art must be original and done by you
  • Horses must have a reference uploaded before the date of entry (e.g. the horse must exist in your stable before you enter it into the show)
  • Reused line-arts, gray-scales, and full tracing are NOT allowed
  • Skeleton tracing and photo-manipulation ARE allowed
  • Backgrounds are mandatory, but photos may be used 
  • 50% or more of the horse must be shown in the entry
  • Riders must be shown from at least the waist down
  • All entries should be fully colored (and preferably shaded!)
  • Natural and unnatural horses are allowed in all classes
  • You may enter as many horses as you like -- however, a horse may not compete in more than one class each day, and riders may only ride one horse at a time. 
  • Credit all references and stock. Any artist who uses uncredited references will be disqualified. 
  • Send all entries by note and include the horse's name, the entry, a link to the horse's reference, and the name of the class you are entering. 

The Judging
  • Effort (compared to rest of your gallery) -- 0 to 20 points
  • Artistry (aesthetic effect) -- 0 to 10 points
  • Photo background -- 0 points
  • Drawn background -- 1 to 5 points
  • Correct tack -- 5 points
  • Correct weather / background features -- 5 points
  • Story -- 1 to 10 points
  • ONE training image or extra image made for this show (optional) -- 1 to 5 points 
  • Past shows in discipline -- 2 points per show, up to 10 points / 5 shows
  • NO points will be lost for entries that show a fall, refusal, missing a target, or misbehaving horses -- however, injuries will put your horse and rider out of the running, so don't make mistakes too dramatic or dangerous!
Total Possible Points: 70

In the event of a tie, I will use a random number generator to determine a winner.

The Weather

Day 1 (Endurance, Flat-race) 
  • Cloudy and damp
  • Temperatures are chilly in the morning. Mild and humid by the afternoon 
  • Fog and mist present by the early evening
  • Racetrack is dry; weather is breezy and gray at race time
  • A light jacket in the morning/evening is recommended 
Day 2 (Endurance, Mounted Archery)
  • Thunderstorm in early morning. Rain stops by noon and sky begins to clear.
  • Heavy fog in the forests until noon, appearing again in the late afternoon
  • Temperatures are cool, but pleasant
  • Archery range is damp; sun peaks through at start of class. No wind. 
Day 3 (Endurance, Cross-Country)
  • Partially cloudy throughout the day
  • Warm with a light breeze
  • Around 3pm, the last of the clouds clear and the sun shines
  • T-shirts and shorts are recommended for spectators; riders should wear short sleeves

The Classes

Endurance -- Information on endurance riding can be found here
  • Horse and rider will cover 100 miles in a three day course. Rest periods between dusk and dawn are mandatory. There are camping areas set up every 20 miles along the route, and volunteers patrol the area on horseback to come to the aid of any riders in distress.
  • Riders must check in at each camp to mark their time and rest their horses for a minimum of ten minutes. A vet check will be performed before the start of the race on the third day. 
  • The course follows a river. It starts in a valley, moves to a dense and shadowy forest, and ends on the other side in broad pastureland. The landscape is green and lush, although the forest is dim and a little foreboding. Cherry trees are in bloom in the pastures at the finish line. Wildlife includes foxes, deer, crows, and hawks (on the plains).
  • Rider must wear helmet and protective vest, carry enough supplies for the route, and pack a blanket and water canteen. 
  • Endurance saddle with breast-collar is required. Bridle is required, but bitless options are accepted. A halter may be worn under the bridle. Boots and splints should not be needed, but are allowed. Saddlebags and cushioned saddlepads are highly recommended.
  • Mane and tail may be either loose or braided
  • Horse must be over 5 years old to compete. Rider must be over 16. 
You entry may show any portion of the event -- your rest stop on the first day, a check-in, horse and rider out on the forest trails, the finish line, etc. The vet check and camps are great scenes to turn into an extra image!

  • Horse and rider will race on a dirt track. The race is 1 mile long.
  • Riders must wear white breeches, black boots, and their stable's racing silks. Helmets are required. 
  • Horses must wear a saddle, bridle, and a colored saddlepad with their starting number. You may pick any number you choose, but it must be present! Blinkers and other racing equipment are optional.
  • Manes should be short or braided; tails should be loose. 
  • You may show other horses in the race with their owner's permission only.
  • Do not draw the finish line -- you don't know if you've won yet! 
  • Horses must be 3 years of age or older. Riders must be over 18.  
Your entry should show some part of the race itself -- coming out of the gate, turning the corner, entering the homestretch, etc. However, drawing your horse being ponied to the track or getting ready in the stable would be good extra images!

Mounted Archery
  • The archery range is set up in an empty dirt arena near an oak tree. There are five bull's eye targets set up on posts scattered across the arena. Contestants must enter at one end of the arena and hit each target as they pass it, then turn and run back to the starting point. Bleachers are set up at a safe distance. 
  • Rider may wear any attire, including period costume; however, helmets are required, and archery gloves are recommended. No guns or crossbows are allowed for this event.
  • Horse may wear any tack. Bridles are optional. A neck strap is required in case of emergency. 
  • Mane and tail may be loose or braided
  • Horse must be over 5 years old. Rider must be over 16. 
This event offers many opportunities for unique, dynamic entries! Action movies don't have anything on you and your horse's thrilling stunts in the arena. Extra images could include target practice, bridleless training, or your rider's daydreams of performing at a circus.

  • Course goes through a grassy valley, up and down the banks of a river, and around thickets of trees. There is a lake along part of the route; the bank is steep and should be avoided. Jumps included stone and wood walls, hedges, water jumps, and logs. All are marked with red and white flags. Spectators wait to cheer the participants on at every jump, and volunteers patrol nearby with medical kits in case of an accident.
  • Riders must wear helmets, protective vests, britches, tall boots, and a professional shirt (polo shirts or a solid turtleneck would be fine). Spurs and crops are allowed. Hair should be kept off of the face.
  • Horses must wear a breastcollar, an English saddle and bridle, and a white saddlepad. Boots and splints are recommended. 
  • Mane should be short or braided. Tail may be loose. 
  • Horse must be 5 years old or over. Riders must be over 18. 
A classic event for those who feel the need for a little extra danger! Show your horse and rider clearing a stone wall, approaching a steep bank, or racing by the eager spectators. Extra images could include a morning warm-up, your rider walking the course, or your horse's evening after the class with a well-earned bucket of oats. 

The Entries

-- coming soon --

The Prizes

1st prize in each class
  • Fully shaded full-body image of the winner with a blue ribbon
  • Four free designs 
  • Two flat-colored sketches of one of the winner's horses
  • One breeding slot to a Sparrowfall Hollow horse of the winner's choice (some exclusions apply)
  • Journal feature
2nd prize in each class
  • A shaded headshot with a red ribbon
  • Two free designs
  • One flat-colored sketch of one of the winner's horses
3rd prize in each class
  • A flat-colored headshot with a yellow ribbon
  • One free design
All other participants will receive a white participant's ribbon. 

Want to include other horses and riders in your entry, or add a little interaction in your stories?

Feel free to ask your fellow contestants if you can draw your horse and rider interacting with them during the event. However, please do not draw a horse or rider without the artist's permission. 

Alternatively, you can draw some of our "NPCs." Our staff are patrolling the endurance and cross-country routes, and some of our stable horses can be used as ghost horses in the flat-race. Feel free to include a conversation with one of them during a check-in, draw them greeting your horse and rider on the trail, or your racehorse going head-to-head with one of ours.

Here are descriptions of some of our staff you might see during the show (ignore the staff bios in my gallery -- they are outdated!):
  • Suzanna Mori, head trainer - female, 27 - 5'6" / 130 lbs - Asian - short black pixie cut - dresses in cool, dark colors - reserved, polite, witty
  • Renée Mori, rider and jockey - female, 29 - 5'2" / 100 lbs - Asian - long black hair, braided - dresses in warm colors - charming, funny, tempermental 
  • Cora Delaney, rider - female, 17 - 5'4" / 110 lbs - White - long brown hair, worn up - dresses in green and blue - shy, sweet, easily amused
  • Dr. Summers, veteranarian - male, 37 - 5'11" / 180 lbs - African-American - short black hair - white lab coat and a Captain America T-shirt - friendly, intelligent, calm
Patrol Horses - You may see them out on the trail or patrolling the cross-country course, or even just out in the pasture or in the barns near your horse.

Jacobean on the Town by Sparrowfall-Hollow BSS Number Two by Sparrowfall-Hollow  WR Brigh by Sparrowfall-Hollow Astalde by Sparrowfall-Hollow

Ghost Horses -- These horses will run in the flat-race and can be drawn in your entry to add a sense of competition.

Bint Nar Fathiyya by Sparrowfall-Hollow Bloody Medea* by Sparrowfall-Hollow WR Subhra** by Sparrowfall-Hollow 

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